Breakfast of champions. New discovery tantillavates your tongue buddies

Breakfast. Late. Hunger strikes.
A brilliant breakfast combo was discovered late this morning. It’s my morning so i can give it a possesive pronunk ok.

Anyway. Rye bread toast. Bread bought cheap at Spar. Expired stuff. Good for you.  Egyptian fig jam. Raison d’etre for dem funny liddle pharoahs. Cheese. Cheddar. Proper stuff from lady who sells cow produx. Garlic. Woman slayer since forever. Coffee. NATO standard. 1 coffee.2 sugar. Milk. Ten q.
Combine ingreds. Coffee stuff in mug you mug. Rest on white porcelain side plate. Smaller dishes means less washing up. Bachelor habits. Haphazardly married 17 years. Bless her heart. I love her madly. Mad. Ly.
Eat breakfast. Take photogs and write up.




From top. Plate food mug. Then plate no food mug. Then excellent sunset.

Grumptious Fonz


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