Ants on the march again. Fighting reported around Zinkland

Fighting has broken out again in the region of Zinkland. Massive infantry movements were reported by our correspondent covering this region. Fleeing refugees state large infiltration along main routes, by soldiers of  General Queeant. These seem to be reinforcements bolstering regular incursions into Zinkland.

Previous attacks were routed by determined defensive actions initiated by Commisar Generalissimo Wife.  Wife has instructed her meagre forces to resist all “evil infiltrations by Queeant”. Her high pitched voice has been instrumental in rallying her troops to take back Zinkland at all costs.

Queeant’s forces have become adept at night time incursions, using darkness to set up battalions along the Breadboard plateau with aggressive forays across the deserts of Dirty Dishes and over onto the wastelands of Foodleftout.

Foodleftout province has experienced much deprivations of late and General Wife has been especially vociferous in tirades against own forces; blaming failure to protect this region on Colonel Hasbin. Hasbin has allowed enemy victory under cover of darkness, and he might be replaced soon. In a brief media statement over breakfast he mumbled “I was sleeping. Do you expect me to stay up all night?”.  Wife has instigated a commission of enquiry.

Is victory in sight for General Queeant? Can momentum be maintained? Troops have been seen in various other provinces; with quick reaction from Wife’s harried troops preventing full scale take over.
Queeant forces scurry for cover. Photog taken by correspondents on overflight missions.

Wife is mulling several options, chemical warfare the most obvious solution. Chemical warfare was successfully used in earlier campaigns; but did not bring a lasting peace to the region. With political options all but used up, what remains? A final solution? Bring in outside mercenary forces expert in chemical warfare? Will Wife’s war chest allow for this costly assistance? Assistance which has failed in other countries currently engaged in similar low key wars.
Evidence of extensive trenchworks. Queeant troops dissapear into defensive positions during several low aerial passes. No ground fire this time. Are troops instructed to maintain no fight zones?

Extensive Queeantia trenchworks around Zinkland borders. Evidence of buildup prior to all out offensives against Zinkland?

The propaganda machine of Military contractors such as Mortem, Raid, and the aptly named Doom company have led us to believe that chemical war is the only long term solution. Is this just simple profiteering?
Dogs of War! Private Military Contractors hunting down Special Forces commanded by Colonel Lizzardo. Elite SF troops face bitter actions from PMCs intent on destroying them. But PMCs enjoy regular replenishment and shelter from General Wife. Third Force or just taking advantage of weak oversight? Contractors repeatedly ignored requests for interviews.

Despondent Zinklandians do not foresee any resolution in the near future. Only a slow grinding down of Wife’s resolve to carry on the fight to prevent the never ending
assault of General Queeant.

General Queeant has the numbers. And the drive. And a simple philosophy. Find food for Winter.

This reporter hiding out in dense jungle, Gardenia Province. Jungle harbours loyalists to General Queeant. Fears for his life but intent on getting the story out.

Piece out.


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